A return to my purpose: My journey that has no end

Recently I concluded my bodybuilding career. Preparing for a bodybuilding competition can be compared to prepping for a wedding day. It is NOT normal fitness. During competition prep, there is an end point, and a goal. That goal being to bring the best ever physique to the stage, conversely in normal  fit living there is no end.   

I have been approached  and discussed show prep with ladies who have said they just want to look show ready. This is dangerous,
I will talk more on that at another time.

The “competition body” is not  meant to be sustainable.  It is what I call a borrowed body.  Why do I bring this up? Because it is analogous to losing weight for an event, only to rebound after the event.  Because once a goal is met, the person is lost.  Goals expire, but your purpose does not expire. Bodybuilders experience this too just like newlyweds after the wedding and honeymoon.  I can vouch for both of these situations. 😉


And so the only lasting goal is your purpose. I have made a commitment to return to my purpose.

What my purpose is not:

  • My purpose is not to be stage lean. 
  • My purpose is to be a fit example to women of all ages.  
  • My purpose is to be living proof that women can live a healthy enjoyable life,  with a strong lean body and mind well
    into every decade.

My purpose does not make me live in such a rigid way that I do not enjoy life. Wine and amazing foods are part of my enjoyment. Hello . . . I am Italian and married to a Cuban, therefore we are bred to love great food and drink!

I am ready enjoy that with my husband. Enjoying great food and wine while maintaining a fit moderately lean physique can coexist. The key is to be consistently moderate. The key is NOT to party hearty and then follow up with some crazy restrictive short term plan.That kind of living is exhausting. That kind of living evokes self shame. 

Because no one wants to be around a rigid militant dieter who probably is a closet indulger anyway.  The challenge is learning to enjoy in moderation. Because consistency is always healthier than extreme restriction followed by extreme indulgence.  

Follow me on my journey that has no end. Along the way I will share what works for me. I don’t preach diets. I am not an expert, yet I have 55 years of fit living experience to share. I am not part of any MLM and I do not endorse any particular plan.  

I welcome your comments. 

Thank you and have a fit day.