Quick Lunch…Veggies Included

img_5009Broccoli, Artichoke and  Roasted pepper salad with red onion. And Toasted pita wedges

This salad came together quickly one day when my pantry and fridge were nearly bare. I searched the shelves and came up with this little gem of a salad.  Now, I make sure to keep these ingredients on hand.


Add in these veggies in any combo to suit your tastes about 3-4ish cups total: (I do like a big salad)

Frozen chopped broccoli  (fresh is always great, but we are talking fast from the pantry/freezer here.)

Marinated Artichoke hearts drained  1 tbsp marinade reserved.

Roasted red peppers from a jar, drained well

Red onion, raw (or as pictured I had roasted red onion from a previous meal)

Toss  veggies together with 1 Tbsp of  artichoke marinade, 1-2 tbsp good quality balsamic vinegar, freshly ground salt and pepper.

Pita wedges go well with this. I really really  really like pitas. My favorite are these  They are also available at BJ’s club and Walmart.

To make this a full meal, top with tuna or salmon from a single serve pouch, or leftover protein from last nights dinner. (A great habit is to prepare extra protein and veggies to use for quick meals)

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