Quick Lunch…Veggies Included

img_5009Broccoli, Artichoke and  Roasted pepper salad with red onion. And Toasted pita wedges

This salad came together quickly one day when my pantry and fridge were nearly bare. I searched the shelves and came up with this little gem of a salad.  Now, I make sure to keep these ingredients on hand.


Add in these veggies in any combo to suit your tastes about 3-4ish cups total: (I do like a big salad)

Frozen chopped broccoli  (fresh is always great, but we are talking fast from the pantry/freezer here.)

Marinated Artichoke hearts drained  1 tbsp marinade reserved.

Roasted red peppers from a jar, drained well

Red onion, raw (or as pictured I had roasted red onion from a previous meal)

Toss  veggies together with 1 Tbsp of  artichoke marinade, 1-2 tbsp good quality balsamic vinegar, freshly ground salt and pepper.

Pita wedges go well with this. I really really  really like pitas. My favorite are these  They are also available at BJ’s club and Walmart.

To make this a full meal, top with tuna or salmon from a single serve pouch, or leftover protein from last nights dinner. (A great habit is to prepare extra protein and veggies to use for quick meals)

Major in the Majors and Minor in the Minors

“Big rocks first!”img_5007

We have arrived at the traditional time of year where everyone desperately seeks leanness. And so, many a diet are put to the test. Some of them work for a time, they eventually fail. This leaves the January dieter feeling inadequate and guilt ridden.

Are some rules more important than thers when it comes to maintaining leanness?

In a word, yes.

What if…… you could sort out the successful habits from the less significant minor rules?

This is where ‘majoring in the majors, and minoring in the minors’ comes in.

The major rules: make these a habits a non-negotiable for life:

1. Eat Protein: 1g per pound of ideal body weight.
2. Commit to two servings of Veggies minimum, mid day, every day. Have five or more servings every day.
3. Resistance Train: consistently every week.  Learn to do it safely and effectively.
4. HIIT: (High Intensity Interval Cardio) over steady state cardio twice per week. High intensity means 90% effort or better for 20 seconds, followed by a significant rest period (80 to 100 seconds) to allow adequate recovery to perform at 90% or more effort every interval.
5. Portion control: Eat in a slight calorie deficit if you are trying to lean out. Calorie deficit means 85-90% of baseline. Any less and muscle will be lost leading to a decrease in metabolic rate. If you don’t know your baseline calories, a decent estimate is Body Weight x 12 for moderately active people. If you are not active use 11.

Minor rules:
1. Drink H2O: aim for Gallon per day
2. Carbs and Protein: Eat an easily digested (low in fat) meal before and after workouts. The energy in your system will make your total calorie burn significantly greater than training on empty.
3. Fiber 25-35g/day

No matter what your approach is, (low carb, paleo, Keto, low fat, gluten free, macro plans etc.) these habits can be applied to any diet plan, because they have been proven to spare lean mass while shedding fat.

They key is to be consistent and patient and give it time. This is not a fad diet, it is a lifestyle approach. Statistics prove that rapid weight loss leads to rebound weight gain. 

If you are unsure of how to progress, inquire with me about Health Coaching. As a Mom who raised four children while maintaining exceptional health and fitness, I am giving back and sharing my real life tested strategies. I avoided the 10 pound weight gain per decade, and am proud to say I am more fit in my 50’s than I was in my 20’s.

Make 2017 the year wher you stopped dieting.