Monday Mantra: Screw Perfection

Monday Mantra: Screw Perfection

The less you rely on external cues to determine your self worth, the better chance you have for creating your own healthy and productive world.

I asked many women what irks them the most about them selves. The overwhelming response was guilt and shame from falling short of what society dictates as perfect. Perfectionism is toxic to our self acceptance. Perfectionism requires us to measure up to some hypothetical standard.

Obviously we all know the perfect woman does not exist. Why then do we have angst for falling short of the current definitions of the perfect woman?

Here is a little secret:

We have angst when we don’t accept ourselves.
Let me say that again.
We have angst when we don’t accept ourselves.

Because when we use outside parameters as our measuring sticks we will always fall short. We do better when we measure our progress based on the girl we were yesterday.

The way I see it, self acceptance is a subjective assessment allowing imperfections, and unique characteristics to flourish.
When we accept our selves as we are, outside influences like the scale, and other outward labels, become irrelevant to our happiness.

Gaining self acceptance is a work in progress. It is not like flipping a switch and presto, self acceptance is achieved. Using affirmations can be helpful. Here are some affirmations that I embrace:

I am imperfect, and I am worthy.
I embrace my uniqueness.
I am disciplined.
I am strong.

Explore some affirmations to help with your
personal journey to self acceptance.

Feel free to leave your comments below, and always be grateful and kind to yourself.

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